We all have had (or still have) our difficulties with climbing out of our comfort zone. It’s easy to stay inside this zone that feels so “save”… So why change it, right? As some people will say their life started at the end of their comfort zone; others just rather live their life the way they used to do. Either way, in the end it’s all about what works out for you.


” Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

As I finished high school everyone around me went to college, just like me. But unlike me, everyone seemed to like what they choose to study. I regretted my decision almost instantly. But instead of stopping immediately I decided to try it for a bit longer, knowing in the back of my mind this wasn’t going to work out for me at all. So after three months I dropped out and started working full time at a supermarket. Earning some money so I could travel, maybe, one day.
A year passed by and somehow i managed to get into medical school, to become a paramedic. Finally, I could study something I would like, just like everyone else. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I didn’t made friends, the study just seemed to much for me and as my trust in being good enough for this study went down I took my grades with me. So five months in I dropped out, again, and started to work full time, again. As finding a job seemed impossible for some reason, I ended up working at Mac Donald. I started to feel so sad and lonely, because as others seemed happy with their choices nobody seemed to understand me. It didn’t seem like I knew what I wanted to do with my life anytime soon. And working at Mac Donald didn’t make anything better.
On a sunny day off I sat in the garden, just googling some information about New Zealand. A travel agency came up, they helped me setting it all up, and before I even knew it I booked my ticket.
Even though it doesn’t seem like much, staying at home with a job I hated, not a lot of friends around me and no personal goals seemed to be my comfort zone. It took me more than just a little time to realize that I had to break out of this circle to make a change for myself. And I did.

Now almost a year later I can say that I am so much happier and noticed that I grew so much by this experience. Making a change is easier than that it might look like, but you definitely have to work for it. If i can do it, you can do it too. Know that you don’t always have to do everything on your own. And if you think it might help to just share it with someone tell it to a friend, family or you can even contact me.

Going to New Zealand was my comfort-zone-break-out. What will be yours?

I will you all the best.

Moving to the other side

My number one on my bucket list; going to New Zealand. Last year I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and make it happen. So from living at home with my mom, I went to moving out to the other side of the world on a working holiday visa.

October 2016 I said goodbye to my family and friends to step into the plane. After a journey of 51 hours wandering around in airplanes and airports I finally arrived in Auckland. Where I got picked up by my family on this side of the world. As soon as they showed me my bedroom I snuggled myself between the blankets to finally get some long lost sleep.
If you find yourself in a long distance flight make sure you prepare yourself. There are some ways to prevent a jetlag. Simply by drinking water, trying to sleep or at least rest at a plane and avoiding alcohol you already increasing the chance on a jetlag.

From three months of travelling around in New Zealand I did see some of the most awesome and breathtaking places, met some people I will never forget and made memories to be remembered. From stargazing (staring at the stars see more stars appearing when the times passes by and if your are lucky you might spot some falling stars) at night in our sleeping bags on the freezing ground to refressing morning swims into freezing lakes because there where no showers around. I would recommend to travel this country by car. Even though it might be slightly more expensive than travelling by bus, it gives you so much more freedom that it is worth every dollar. If you are short by money in a way you can’t afford it to buy or rent a car, taking bus will be a good way to go to the places that you want to visit. Another way would be to find people in facebook groups for backpackers where you easily find offers for lifts to places. Or people who are looking for travelmates to just share the costs of petrol (the price of petrol is around 1,80 dollar which isn’t that bad at all). Another pro of traveling by car is that sleeping in a car saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on hostels (average 30 dollar a night).
New Zealand is not exactly cheap when it is about getting groceries. Shopping during travelling is pretty hard, take-away might even be cheaper than buying all the ingredients to make a dinner for yourself.

So after all the stuff i did it was time for me to find a place to live and a job to try to earn some of that spended money back. That brought me to Mount Maunganui. A little surf town allong one of the most beautiful beaches of New Zealand. A cosy town, with surfer vibes. A perfect place to settle down for the rest of my stay. The fact that i had some struggles with finding a room brought me to WOOFFING: simply working for accomodation. A good way to come around and safe money while figuring out what you might want to do next. Luckily after a couple weeks I did find a room. Just like groceries, renting a room can be quit expensive too. It will depent on the city you want to live in. In Mount Maunganui you can find a room between 180 dollar per week to 220 dollar per week, while this is around 250 dollar per week in Auckland.

Now I am still living here on my working holiday visa. Unfortunally I can’t extend my visa with another year since i am from the netherlands, this is only possible for people from the UK and Canada. So in a few months I will be moving back to the Netherlands. Unsure what I will do next. But untill then I will enjoy the beauty of New Zealand to the fullest!